The article of the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Metafizika Journal was published in the international publication

Article by the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Metafizika Journal Prof.Dr. Konul Bunyadzadeh was published in the last volume of “Eco-Phenomenology: Life, Human Life, post-human life in harmony of the cosmos” of the multi-volume edition of “Analecta Husserliana” published by Springer Publishing House of the World Institute phenomenology.
In the article, the phenomenon "I" is noted as a fixed core of human existence and is investigated in two aspects: the divine and social reality. The article discusses the recurrence of internal and external influences of the “I” and also analyzes it as a door to the world of ideas and a divine source of truth.
The book, dedicated to the memory of the American philosopher Anna-Theresa Timenetskaya, the founder of the Institute of World Phenomenology, collected relevant work on the phenomenology of famous experts. In addition, here we study the phenomenological anthropology, the ecological perspectives of the human relationship to nature, the phenomenology of life and the virtual body.

  • Tarix:2018-10-06