2018, Vol. 1, № 4, Serial № 4  

Sevgi Tutun
In the context of interpretations of XX and XXI centuries comantators`views of Al-hurūf al muqatta`at

Alaa El-Din Mahmoud
Ahmed Abdalla Negm
An archaeological, artistic study of the marble plates from the Emir Ibrahim Gawish Mustahfazan tekke, preserved in the museum of Islamic Art in Cairo

Konul Hajiyeva
The Embodiment of the Symbolism of Sufism in the Creations of Khagani

Ali Baghirov
The creation of world and the comparison of Quranic verses with Big Bang theory

Rauf Musayev
Eyler Circles and Syllogisms

Vahideh Sadeghi
Reza Hajiebrahim
Possibilism or Actualism? A Critical Analysis of Timothy Williamson's viewpoints

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