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“Metafizika” 2018, Vol. 1, № 4, Serial № 4

Sevgi Tutun
In the context of interpretations of XX and XXI centuries comantators`views of Al-hurūf al muqatta`at
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.20

Alaa El-Din Mahmoud
Ahmed Abdalla Negm
An archaeological, artistic study of the marble plates from the Emir Ibrahim Gawish Mustahfazan tekke, preserved in the museum of Islamic Art in Cairo
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.21​

Konul Hajiyeva
The Embodiment of the Symbolism of Sufism in the Creations of Khagani
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.22​

Ali Baghirov
The creation of world and the comparison of Quranic verses with Big Bang theory
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.23

Rauf Musayev
Eyler Circles and Syllogisms
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.24

Vahideh Sadeghi
Reza Hajiebrahim
Possibilism or Actualism? A Critical Analysis of Timothy Williamson's viewpoints
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.25

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