Current Issue

“Metafizika” 2019, Vol. 2, № 4, Serial № 8

Rafael Hasanov
Institutes and Entrepreneurship
Gamarkhanim Javadli
The Problem of Transplantation of Bodies and Embryons in the Ethical Postulations of the World Religions
Abdolhossein Kalantari
Afshin Nikbakht
Investigating the Process of the Concept of Alienation in the History of Modern Thought from Hobbes and to Hegel
Akram Baghirov
The Tazkira “Arafat ul-Ashiqin va Arasat ul-Arifin” and the Azerbaijani Poets
Eldar Amirov
The Idea of Continuity as Mathematical-Philosophical Invariant
MirFaraj Abasov
Economic, Socio-Political and Cultural Bases of Post-Capitalism
Seyid Cavad Miri
An Inquiry into Seyed Javad Tabatabaei`s Understanding on Islamology

  • Tarix:2021-06-15