Current Issue

“Metafizika” 2020, Vol. 3, № 1, Serial № 9

Konul Bunyadzade
The Truth Hidden in Letters

Esmetkhanim Mammadova
“Alafe Masgure” in the Persian Script (In the Flatness of the Applied Linguistics)

Rafiz Manafov
(Im)Possibility of the Rational Metaphysics According to Ibn Khaldun’s views

Aladdin Malikov
Comparative analysis of metaphysical epistemology in the views of Immanuel Kant and Muslim thinkers (arifs) and philosophers

Zehra Oruk
The Problem of Freedom and Morality in Albert Einstein`s Mechanical Universe

Seyyed Mohammad Javad Banisaeed Langaroudi
Seyed Javad Miri
Amirabbas Alizamani
A Comparative Study of Pleasure in Thomas Aquinas and Mulla Sadra’s theories of Happiness

  • Tarix:2021-06-15