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Brief information about “METAFIZIKA” Journal:

The "Metafizika Journal" is published and edited under the auspices of "AcademyGate Publishing" and "International Metafizika Center" (Baku, Azerbaijan). The Journal adheres to a quarterly publication schedule and serves as a platform for disseminating the findings of novel scientific research that has not been hitherto published. The primary responsibility for the content of articles featured in the journal lies with the respective authors. Additionally, accountability extends to those who provide expert assessments and opinions within the relevant specialized domains.


The "Metafizika Journal" embraces an open access policy, affirming its commitment to the unrestricted dissemination of scholarly knowledge. This approach ensures that all published articles are freely accessible to the global academic community and the public at large. By adopting an open access model, the journal fosters inclusivity and facilitates the democratization of information, promoting a broader exchange of ideas and advancing the collective pursuit of knowledge across diverse audiences. This commitment to open access reflects the journal's dedication to the principles of academic transparency, accessibility, and the promotion of scholarly discourse.

Metafizika Journal distinguishes itself by embracing an open-access ethos, affirming its commitment to democratizing access to scientific knowledge. This paradigmatic shift eradicates financial barriers, ensuring that its scholarly contributions are freely and universally available. By adopting the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), Metafizika Journal not only facilitates accessibility but also permits the sharing, adaptation, and distribution of its content, further fostering a collaborative intellectual landscape.

In removing subscription fees and paywalls, Metafizika Journal broadens its readership to a global audience. This open-access model enhances the visibility and impact of the journal, creating a platform where scientific inquiries can resonate across diverse academic and non-academic communities.

The journal's embrace of open access transcends conventional academic boundaries. Scholars, students, and enthusiasts can now explore the latest scientific and philosophical research without hindrance. The educational landscape benefits from this accessibility, as Metafizika Journal becomes an invaluable resource for intellectual enrichment, promoting the dissemination of knowledge beyond institutional confines.

Furthermore, the open-access framework enhances Metafizika Journal's scholarly influence. Its contributions, now freely available, have the potential to garner increased citations, further solidifying the journal's position as a catalyst for advancing scientific and philosophical discourse.

In essence, Metafizika Journal's open-access approach, coupled with the CC BY 4.0 license, not only democratizes access to scientific and philosophical scholarship but also amplifies its reach, impact, and collaborative potential. Through this progressive stance, the journal stands as a beacon for inclusive knowledge dissemination in the scientific and philosophical realm.

Address: AZ1122; H.B.Zardabi, 92A, M.353; Baku City; Republic of Azerbaijan;
The Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, (MJA) Registry № 4144;
The Journal`s language: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English, Persian and Arabic;
Summaries of the Journal: Azerbaijani, Russian and English
ISSN 2616-6879;
УДК: 111.3;
KBT: 87.2; 87.21;
Phone: +994 55 760 39 70;
E-mail: metafizika.az@mail.ru;
Website: Metafizikajurnali.az;
Editor-In-Chief: Assoc.Prof.  Aladdin Malikov;
Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Metafizikajurnali/;
Official FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/138473553471336/;
Instagram.com/Metafizika Journal
Linkedin.com/Metafizika Journal;
Wikipedia.org/Metafizika (jurnal);
Wikizero.com/Metafizika (jurnal);
IdealOnline/Metafizika Journal;
Ebsco/Metafizika Journal;
Google.Scholar/Metafizika Journal;
Turkish Educational Index/Metafizika Journal;


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