2019, Vol. 2, № 1, Serial № 5  


1-Aziz Mammadov
Fuad Gurbanov
Logical and Gnoseology Analysis of Fuzzy Set Theory of Lotfi Zadeh (in Azerb.)

DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.26
2-Francesco Alfieri
The Example of Common Path to Truth (in english)

DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.27
3-Aladdin Malikov
The Analysis of Correlation between Reason and Belief in Sadraddin Shirazi philosophy (in Azerb.)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.28
4-Abolfazl Kiashemshaki
Reciprocity of Philosophy and Irfan in Transcendental philosophy (in persian)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.29
5-Bijan Mansouri
The Assessment of “The Nature of the Soul and its Physical Creation” in the Philosophy of Mulla Sadra (in persian)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.30
6-Yegana Rasulova
The Historical Memory in the Dynamics of the Evolution of the Culture (in Azerb.)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.31

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