2019, Vol. 2, № 2, Serial № 6 

1-Saadet Mammadova
Opportunities of Application of the Social Synergistic Institutionalization Concept in a Social State (in english)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.33

2-Fakhraddin Guliyev
About the Principles of Optimality in Turkic Folk Poetry (in Azerb.)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.34

3-Heydar Aslanov
Limits of Integration into Modern World or Selfie with Anamorphosis (in english)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.35

4-Shafahat Abdullayeva
The Role of the Culture in Formalization of Attitudes (in Azerb.)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.36

5-Sayed Moslem Madani
Reality and Variety of the Mystical Experience from the viewpoint of Mawlawi and Davis (in persian)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.37

6-Mubariz Ibragimov
The Exploring of Clarifications of the Ontological Argument (in persian)
DOI: 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.38

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