2019, Vol. 2, № 3, Serial № 7

1-Konul Bunyadzade
Philosophical Counselling and Sufism (in english)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.39

2-Rafiz Manafov
“The Evaporation of the Subject” in the Context of Epistemological Discussion (in turkish)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.40

3-Alekper Alekperov
On some Turkic Symbols and Esoterism in A.S. Pushkin's Poetry (in russian)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.41

4-Aigun Karimova
Ahmed bek Agaoglu About the Need for Reforms in Islamic Education and Culture (in Azerb.)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.42

5-Vusala Musaeva
Socio-theoretical Foundations of the Azerbaijani Philosophy in the Soviet Period (in russian)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.43

6-Nuru Imanov
Analysis Approach to Claims of Those Who Have Not Accepted Naskh (Abrogation) in the Qur’an (in Azerb.)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.44

7-Barakatullah Sinovi
An Explanation and Assessment of “The Soul in its Unity is all Faculties” from Mulla Sadra’s Viewpoint (in persian)
DOI 10.33864/MTFZK.2019.45

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