2019, Vol. 2, № 4, Serial № 8

1-Rafael Hasanov
Institutes and Entrepreneurship (in russian)
2-Gamarkhanim Javadli
The Problem of Transplantation of Bodies and Embryons in the Ethical Postulations of the World Religions (in Azerb.)
3-Abdolhossein Kalantari
Afshin Nikbakht
Investigating the Process of the Concept of Alienation in the History of Modern Thought from Hobbes and to Hegel (in persian)
4-Akram Baghirov
The Tazkira “Arafat ul-Ashiqin va Arasat ul-Arifin” and the Azerbaijani Poets (in Azerb.)
5-Eldar Amirov
The Idea of Continuity as Mathematical-Philosophical Invariant (in Azerb.)
6-MirFaraj Abasov
Economic, Socio-Political and Cultural Bases of Post-Capitalism (in russian)
7-Seyid Cavad Miri
An Inquiry into Seyed Javad Tabatabaei`s Understanding on Islamology (in persian)

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