2020, Vol. 3, № 1, Serial № 9

1-Konul Bunyadzade
The Truth Hidden in Letters (in russian)
2-Esmetkhanim Mammadova
“Alafe Masgure” in the Persian Script (In the Flatness of the Applied Linguistics) (in Azerb.)

3-Rafiz Manafov
(Im)Possibility of the Rational Metaphysics According to Ibn Khaldun’s views (in turkish)
4-Aladdin Malikov
Comparative analysis of metaphysical epistemology in the views of Immanuel Kant and Muslim thinkers (arifs) and philosophers (in persian)

5-Zehra Oruk
The Problem of Freedom and Morality in Albert Einstein`s Mechanical Universe (in turkish)
6-Seyyed Mohammad Javad Banisaeed Langaroudi
Seyed Javad Miri
Amirabbas Alizamani
A Comparative Study of Pleasure in Thomas Aquinas and Mulla Sadra’s theories of Happiness (in persian)

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