2020, Vol. 3, № 2, Serial № 10

1-Alekper Alekperov
Something Unknown about the Wellknown (in russian)

2-Ahmad Niyazov
Terminological Bases of the Concept of Reform: Analytical Observation (in Azerb.)

3-Shafag Akhmedova
Russian Policy in the Caucasus from the Beginning of the XVIII Century and the Beginning of the XIX Century (Historical Information) (in Azerb.)

4-Vagif Guliyev
The Path Leading from the Form to Content in the Context of the Unity of Theory and Action (practice) in the Inheritance of Al-Farabi (in Azerb.)

5-Seyed Javad Miri
The Farabian Philosophy and Epistemological Rupture from the Hellenistic Tradition: Revisiting Ghasem Pourhassan's Narrative of the Farabian Philosophy (in persian)

6-Nijat Yahyazade
Mir Mohammad Karim Bakuvi's Interpretation of "Kashful-Hagaig" and His Scientific-Social Life (in Azerb.)

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