2020, Vol. 3, № 3, Serial № 11

1-Kenul Bunyadzade
Sufi Phenomenology as a New Look at Philosophy (in Azerb.)

2-Muhammad Sanusi Haruna
The Impact of Imam Khomeini`s Mystical Thought on his Social Life Style (in english)

3-Svetlana Adigozalova
Ali Abasov
The Philosophy of Future: New Ideas (in russian)

4-Seyed Ahmed Houseini
Abulfazl Kiyashimshaki
Mysticism and its role in revealing the purpose of the system of existence (in persian)

5-Khayyam Jalilzada
Gadamer and his Phenomenology (in turkish)
6-Gulfam Hussain
The Principle of Causality from the Point of View of Transcendent Wisdom and its Theological Consequences (in persian)

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