2020, Vol. 3, № 4, Serial № 12

1-Zahra Gerami
The Ontology of Science in the Epistemological System of the Interpretive Thoughts of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli (in persian)

2-Saadat Garayeva
Comparative Analysis of  Mahsati and Khayyam (in Azerb)

3-Rasim Majidov
Role of the Governance Principles in the Institute of State Structures in Azerbaijan (in Azerb)

4-Jalal Heydari
The Study of the Principle of al-Wahid (Rule of Unity) in Islamic Philosophy (principles, application, arguments of believers and deniers) (in persian)

5-Seyyed Mohammad Ali Dibaji
Ali Baghirov
Analysis of Lordship in Contemporary Deistic Theology (in Azerb)

6-Abdullah Hosseini Eskandian
Masume Rajap Nejadian
Evil Thought and its Approaches with an Emphasis on Swinburne`s  Theodicy of Divine Justice (in english)

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