“Metafizika” jurnalının 2019/2-ci sayı işıq üzü görüb

The sixth issue of the International Scientific and Research journal of “Metafizika” was published.
In this issue:
Saadet Mammadova
Opportunities of Application of the Social Synergistic Institutionalization Concept in a Social State
Fakhraddin Guliyev
About the Principles of Optimality in Turkic Folk Poetry
Haydar Aslanov
Limits of Integration into Modern World or Selfie with Anamorphosis
Shafahat Abdullayeva
The Role of the Culture in Formalization of Attitudes
Sayed Moslem Madani
Reality and Variety of the Mystical Experience from the viewpoint of Mawlawi and Davis
Mubariz Ibragimov
The Exploring of Clarifications of the Ontological Argument
  • Tarix:2022-01-27